My name is Jakub and knives are my passion since around 2004. After some time I realized that in almost every knife I have I would like to change something - a detail or two.

That's why I started to draw some designs in my sketchbook and when I was studying computer graphics I got into 3D modelling (CAD) aswell. I got to the point where I had a nicely tweaked design that I called the Poltergeist, and I was looking for a local maker that would make one for me. I had no luck with that and about 2 years later I bought my first little sander/grinder and started off creating small neck knives. I named my shop after the design that got me into knifemaking - Poltergeist Works (I also am a fan of old Horror/Thriller movies). I started Poltergeist Works because it lets me combine a few of my passions - knives, design and making something out of nothing. It always makes me happy to think I will leave behind so many pieces of my work all around the world, and people will enjoy them for many many years to come. This is why I put my heart and soul into every knife, I always put myself in the place of my customer and ask "would I be happy with this knife?".

The answer has to be YES, otherwise the knife will never leave my shop.

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